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“The Shining Light of My Life”   Leave a comment

I have waited for so long
for a love that’s true and strong;
The love that i keep on dreaming,
The love that i’m longing and believing.

From a distance i’ve met a man
who’s heart is pure and with a loving hand.
He touches my heart with his most beautiful smiles,
even from afar i feel his caressing eyes.

Every minute he makes me laugh,
Every second he makes my world stop.
The words of his loving heart,
and the promises of everlasting love,
keeps my life worth living…

He is the tower of my strength,
the voice of my soul,
our mind and heart speaks in one,
our body and soul together as one.

He is the master of my life,
the king of my heart…
There’s nothing more that i could ask for,
Because he is the one i truly love,
the one who completes my life,
and the reason why i survive.

I will never exchange the moment
when i’ve met the man of my life,
He’ll always be in my heart,
and will always be on my mind.

Though distance seperates us with a thousand miles…
My heart and my mind will always be in his side.

Forever i will love him,
I’ll stand beside him as long as i can…
until the last drop of the rain stops on falling,
until destiny will come over us i’ll keep on holding,
I will love him till i take my last breath,
I will love him till i meet my final moment end.

by: Lhen