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The Value Of Silence   2 comments

A Silent Film - MTV Brand New

Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro via Flickr

“Coins always make sound but paper money are always silent. So when your value increases, keep your self silent and humble”

I believe that being silent makes a protection and wall in one’s private life. Sharing is always different from telling. For sharing what you have in a silent manner makes it more meaningful and sincere. But telling it to everyone like bargaining in a market place, makes one’s life cheaper and lowers the value of one’s personality.

It is better to be humble and keep silent of what you have, and let others notice it without telling them. Appreciation of other people without telling them of what you have, is a compliment rather than, telling who you are and what you have, just to let people know, is merely disgusting.

Being silent for the gift of beauty you have is admiring, rather than feeling beautiful and telling to others that you are beautiful, even if others don’t find you beautiful is shameful.

Being silent in a bond of relationship you have is a treasure,and being proud to your loved ones is enough…protecting one’s relationship in silence is respectable, but telling everyone what is happening to the relationship you have all the time is a laughing stock.

Treat your life like a diamond. You can show how beautiful it is to everyone sometimes… but not all the time. The higher the value, the more you protect it.