“The Man With The Burning Hands”   Leave a comment

      She’s all alone, crying in the dark of pain and regrets. She can see nothing but dark. As time goes by, she’s standing once again, within her eyes are full of revenge and hate. She has a heart as hard as steel, with the blade that can hurt anyone that comes along her way. She’s walking in the middle of nowhere; she doesn’t know where to start finding her way out of the darkness.
A man came with a fire, his hands burn with flames, full of hope and love within his eyes.
     She’s so afraid, but the man gave her hope finding the way out. The man offered his burning hands, melting the heart of steel of the girl in front of him, mold her heart into a beautiful work of art. Together they find the way out. Finding the light was never easy, but because of the man with the burning hands, they saw it.
They build a new world of happiness and love. The man always do his best what he can give. He gave her wings, letting her free and fly. He gave his eyes, to see and appreciate her life once again. He gave his burning hands, to form her artwork of love. He secured her, with his promises, she stands secure. The man did his best to mold her heart again the way it used to be. He changed her nightmares into beautiful dreams and he gave the most beautiful world a girl could ever have.
     The girl with the steel heart before, crying all alone in the dark is now the girl with the softest heart that full of smiles and love.
She’s so thankful for the man with the burning flame in his hands, the man she never expected to come, and now she realized, that the man with the burning hands is the man she ever dreamed of in her life and the shining light of her life.

Posted March 13, 2011 by ♥´¨`•.LHEN.•´¨`♥™ in Short Stories

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