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     I Am not a certified writer but i love sharing ideas. Expressing oneself is just being yourself in the most truthful way.

     My interest in reading started early, I spent many hours reading books, magazines and English novels and I’m fond of collecting books on my own, and never go out into a bookstore, without buying a new book for myself. As the years passed by, writing my own poems and compositions became my hobby.

I feel bored about the daily routine of my everyday life. There’s always this passion of being a writer.

And this is just my simple way fulfilling my love for writing. Sharing this  for you to read, enjoy and reflect on. 🙂

Welcome to Panyera Rhyme’s Blog. Anything under the sun… 🙂 Enjoy!


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READ, SHARE and ENJOY! Anything under the sun! It’s your time to express yourself… Be true, Speak Out!

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This story was the life story of Migs, an OFW who faced the challenges and pain of life with faithfullness and still embraced the beauty of life. I hope this story will inspire most of us.

The truth will set you free… But first it will make you miserable.”I have lots of dreams and goals in my life. That’s why i decided to work abroad to reach my dreams. At the age of 22, i went out of the country to work.i have so many dreams..that’s why i took the risks and take the opportunity leaving our own country. I worked hard because all i want is to give my family a better life. Eventhough i felt like discriminated and harassed by my boss. I sacrificed myself just to send money to family back in the Philippines. As the years passed by i lived there on my own. A single man. Despite the sacrifices and trials i had working abroad, I always get what i wanted. I can buy my needs and wants because i was paid a good salary every month. I send money to my family not less that 30,000 pesos a month. I was expecting that all the fruits of my hardwork was saved on the bank, as what my sister told me. I trusted her a lot because she was my sister… my older sister. I gave her everything isang tawag lang sa akin i gave it without a doubt.. it was the year 1994 when my parents died…Kahit masakit i accepted it. Malayo na nga ako hindi ko pa makikita parents ko sa huling pagkakataon. Ang sakit sakit tanggapin.Hirap na hirap ang kalooban ko. All i did just to make up with my family is to send ng money for the burial ng parents ko and other expenses…. Last 2008 i came home. Wala akong dalang pera because i was being caught.TNT kasi ako.I have money then. P500,000.oo is not enough para pambayad sa embassy para mabawasa ang parusa ko at makauwi ako sa Pilipinas.I arrived at the airport na sarili ko lng ang dala ko…kahit na ang sapatos na suot ko hindi ko na napansin na butas na pala. It was in the afternoon when i arrived home.Nashock ang sister ko nang makita nya ako.She asked me kung bakit hindi ako nagpasabi na uuwi ako sabi nya sana nasundo pa nila ako ng family niya. Wala na ako sa sarili ng mga panahong iyon.Ang una ko lng naitanong sa kanya kamusta na ang business natin??saan na ang sasakyan na binili mo??sana kahit dun man lang na makita ko ay sumaya naman ako… Hinawakan ako sa kamay ng sister ko then she told me wala na lahat ng sinabi niya sa akin.She worked hard daw para lng maisalba ang business namin pero nabigo siya at ngayon wala na.Tinanong ko siya kung nasaan na ang sasakyan?? then she told me binenta na niya sa kadahilanang my utang pa na dapat bayaran sa sasakyan na hindi na nabayaran.I told her na every month i gave her money for the car . Akala ko bayad na yun at wala ng utang.Tinanong ko siya kung may pera pa ba naiwan sa bangko??Kahit yun na lang to start a new business.She gave the bank book and when i opened it zero balanced na.Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin nang marinig ko mga sinabi niya sa akin.Siya ang prioritized ko among my brothers and sisters kasi devoted siya sa religious group nila at siya ang pinakamatanda sa aming magkakapatid. Gusto ko siyang saktan to release what i feel.Pero hindi ko naman magawa.Sa ilang taong nagsakripisyo ako sa katatrabaho sa abroad…Lahat ng hirap at pawis na nilaan ko para sa aking pamilya, ito lang ang mangyayari. Every night before i sleep i cried. Hindi ko alam kung ano na mngyayari sa buhay ko at sa sakit ko…i dont know where to start….. And now, i’m already 47 years old, is there a job that can suit for my age??is there a company that will hire me??Marami ako mga tanong kung bakit nagawa ng sister ko ito sa akin….I’ve been a good brother to her.What i have done to be treated this way?? Shame for myself..Hindi ko magawang makalapit sa mga ibang kapatid ko.Alam kong galit sila sa akin kasi nang nasa abroad ako hindi ko man lang sila naisip na padalhan. Lahat dumadaan pa sa sister namin at nakakalungkot malaman na hindi naman pala binibigay sa kanila.They asked me for a help noon for the tuition of their children, pero hindi ko nabigyan.Nahihiya ako sa kanila…dahil wala na akong matakbuhan lumapit ako sa kanila at humingi ng tawad. Sinabi ko sa kanila lahat ng nangyari. Kahit sila hindi rin nila alam kung bakit yun nagawa ng sister namin sa akin.They i accepted me kahit wala na akong pera.Yung pagpapagamot ko sila pa ngayon ang nagbibigay sa i realizd ang mga pagkakamali kong nagawa..Siguro karma ito sa akin dahil noong mga panahong may pera ako pinabayaan ko sila.Kahit mahirap i’m doing my best to move on.I know God will always be there for me….watching and guiding me kahit ano pa ang nangyari sa buhay ko.At alam ko na may nilalaan pang iba ang Diyos para sa akin.Nagpapasalamat pa rin ako sa kanya dahil sa lahat nang nangyari sa buhay ko nabubuhay pa rin ako.Hindi ako nawawalan ng pag-asa.Dahil alam ko na buhay ang ating mayroon siyang nilaan na mas maganda para sa akin.Thanks…



                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Truly yours,


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I have waited for so long
for a love that’s true and strong;
The love that i keep on dreaming,
The love that i’m longing and believing.

From a distance i’ve met a man
who’s heart is pure and with a loving hand.
He touches my heart with his most beautiful smiles,
even from afar i feel his caressing eyes.

Every minute he makes me laugh,
Every second he makes my world stop.
The words of his loving heart,
and the promises of everlasting love,
keeps my life worth living…

He is the tower of my strength,
the voice of my soul,
our mind and heart speaks in one,
our body and soul together as one.

He is the master of my life,
the king of my heart…
There’s nothing more that i could ask for,
Because he is the one i truly love,
the one who completes my life,
and the reason why i survive.

I will never exchange the moment
when i’ve met the man of my life,
He’ll always be in my heart,
and will always be on my mind.

Though distance seperates us with a thousand miles…
My heart and my mind will always be in his side.

Forever i will love him,
I’ll stand beside him as long as i can…
until the last drop of the rain stops on falling,
until destiny will come over us i’ll keep on holding,
I will love him till i take my last breath,
I will love him till i meet my final moment end.

by: Lhen

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       She is living in a pathetic way of life. It is covered by emptiness and at the same time, she is confused by the problems and difficulties that she’s encountering. She almost hate what kind of life she has… A life with no purpose…useless…meaningless… All she wants now is to be whole again. Throwing the doubts and confusions she’s stocked in her mind, but then picking up the missing pieces is really hard to find.

     She was lost… standing in the middle of nowhere… and didn’t know where to begin with… Emptiness within her is eating her whole life.

Accepting the reality of life is much harder. She lives in a house… but she never had a home. She’s been in search of many, but there were none to be found. Her heart is full of love and she wants to give that love, but nothing to share it with. She dreams a lot of things… but she woke up too soon.

Reality is too cruel to face. She’s in the darkness that cannot hide the pain inside. She cannot hide from reality… and this she knows too well.

Our life is like a roller coaster ride. We sometimes feel that we are so exhausted from thinking and feel so much pain in our hearts that’s so unbearable and we feel that we cannot hold it any longer…

“Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28)

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      She’s all alone, crying in the dark of pain and regrets. She can see nothing but dark. As time goes by, she’s standing once again, within her eyes are full of revenge and hate. She has a heart as hard as steel, with the blade that can hurt anyone that comes along her way. She’s walking in the middle of nowhere; she doesn’t know where to start finding her way out of the darkness.
A man came with a fire, his hands burn with flames, full of hope and love within his eyes.
     She’s so afraid, but the man gave her hope finding the way out. The man offered his burning hands, melting the heart of steel of the girl in front of him, mold her heart into a beautiful work of art. Together they find the way out. Finding the light was never easy, but because of the man with the burning hands, they saw it.
They build a new world of happiness and love. The man always do his best what he can give. He gave her wings, letting her free and fly. He gave his eyes, to see and appreciate her life once again. He gave his burning hands, to form her artwork of love. He secured her, with his promises, she stands secure. The man did his best to mold her heart again the way it used to be. He changed her nightmares into beautiful dreams and he gave the most beautiful world a girl could ever have.
     The girl with the steel heart before, crying all alone in the dark is now the girl with the softest heart that full of smiles and love.
She’s so thankful for the man with the burning flame in his hands, the man she never expected to come, and now she realized, that the man with the burning hands is the man she ever dreamed of in her life and the shining light of her life.

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A Tagalog couple of the Maharlika nobility cas...

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Share stories of  life. Let others be inspired, reflect and enjoy while reading and feel free to express yourself. 🙂


            Sariwa pa ang mga tawanan ng mga tao sa paligid niya sa isipan ni Olivia. Si Olivia na nakaupo sa kanyang paboritong silya, hawak ng mahigpit ang mamahaling pulbos na binili pa niya sa isang drugstore malapit sa tinitirhan niya. Nakasilip siya sa malaking bintanang sliding ng kanyang malaking puting kwarto. Sabay ang pagkulog at pagkidlat na tila nakikisabay ang kalangitan sa pagdilim ng kanyang mukha, at para bang sumasabay sa pagpatak ng ulan ang pag-agos ng kaniyang mga luha sa kanyang mukha.

          Si Olivia. Ang Ms. Congeniality ng Ortigas. Kinaiinggitan ng karamihan. Taglay ang angking ganda ng mala prinsesang mukha, tangkad ng isang pang Ms. Universe contestant ng Pilipinas, may angking talino na hinahangaan ng karamihan, dagdagan pa ng isang malakas na karisma sa mga lalaking nakakasalamuha niya. Kung iisipin, perfect ika nga. May matagumpay na karera. Wala nang hihilingin pa. Lahat na yata ng kaswertehan sa buhay ay nasa kanya na. Ngunit sa likod ng lahat ng iyan, mayroon pala siyang natatagong lihim… Lihim na hindi niya inaasahang mabunyag sa harap ng karamihan. Bakit nga ba sa dinami dami ng makikita at malalaman, yun pa?

“What Olivia wants, Olivia gets” Iyan ang pagyayabang niyang sambit sa katrabaho niyang si Mia. “Ako ang mahal niya, at wala akong pakialam kung may sabit siya. Akin na ngayon si Roland. Mas maganda kasi ako, kaya pinalitan siya. Masisisi ba niya ang asawa niya?” sabay ngiti kay Mia na may halong pagmamalaki sa kaniyang sarili. Si Roland, isa sa mga “Big time” client ng kanilang kumpanya na nakarelasyon niya. May sabit nga lang. “May katapusan din ang lahat ng yan, matakot ka Olivia sa karma” sabay sabi ni Mia, habang umiiling ang maliit niyang ulo, sabay tayo at patungo sa kaniyang lamesa katabi lang ng lamesang kinaroroonan ni Olivia. “Inggit ka lang…” sabay bulong ni Olivia na hindi na narinig ng kasamahang si Mia.

       Dumating ang araw na hindi niya inaasahan. Ang araw na guguhit sa kaniyang buhay at pagkatao. Ang babago sa kaniyang buhay. Pormang-porma siya papasok sa gusali ng kaniyang pinagtratrabahuhan… halos lahat ay napapatingin sa di pangkaraniwan niyang dating. Ang lakas talaga! Mapa babae man o lalaki ay napapalingon sa kanya. Nakataas ang kanyang mukha, todo ngiti sa sarili na alam niyang pinagtitinginan ng karamihan, suot ang paborito niyang semi- formal black dress, na humuhulma sa kumakampay niyang balakang habang siya ay naglalakad, sukbit ang signatured bag na paborito niyang pang opisina. Hinarang siya ni Mia sabay sabing “may naghihintay sayong client sa table mo” Sabay ngiti ni Olivia habang binabagtas ang kinaroroonan ng kanyang lamesa.

          Nagulat na lang siya ng makita niya ang taong naghihintay sa kanya. May katabaan ito at medyo may katangkaran. Ngunit makikita mo na may sinasabi siya sa buhay. Sa amoy pa lang na pang mayaman at sa uri ng kanyang pananamit na puting slacks na tinernuhan ng mamahaling off-shoulder na itim na blouse. Napatingin siya sa mga mata nito, nakasalubong ang mga kilay. “MIriam” ang tanging nabulalas lang ni Olivia. Isang matalim na ngiti ang sinagot sa kanya ng babae sabay sabing “Ilang beses ko na sayong sinabi na layuan mo ang asawa ko. Pero talagang matigas ka. Ito ang bagay sayo!” Sabay sampal kay Olivia sa mamula mula niyang pisngi sanhi ng makapal na blush on na nilagay niya sa kanyang mukha. Halos lahat ng kaopisina niya ay nagulat hindi lamang sa pagkakasampal sa kanya ng babae… ang nakakagulantang pa na nangyari ay ang pagtalon ng kaniyang pustiso mula sa kanyang naglalakihang mga gilagid. “Whoaahhhhhhh” ang sabay sabay na nasabi ng kanyang mga kasamahan, habang nakatingin sa pustisong humagis mula sa itaas papunta sa tiles na sahig ng kanilang opisina. “How dare you!” galit na sabi ni Olivia, akmang sasabunutan si Miriam, ang naging sanhi ng pagtilampon ng kanyang porselanang pustiso, sanhi ng pagkakasampal nito. Pero hindi nagpadaig ang matapang na asawa ni Roland, inunahan na siya sa paghablot sa kanyang itim at mahabang buhok, at dumadausdos ang kanyang katawan sa sahig. Hinila ni Miriam ang kanyang paa, hinawakan ang high heeled black shoes na sapatos ni Olivia, at sa di inaasahang pangyayari natanggal ito.

          Biglang umalingasaw sa air-conditioned room ang masangsang na amoy na hindi mawari… katulad ng amoy ng isang patay na daga… o kuyukot ng puwit… ang baho talaga! Halos lahat ng nasa opisina ay napatakip ng ilong sanhi ng kabahuang naamoy nila. “ang baho!” hindi na napigilang banggit ng isang lalaking nagtratrabaho sa opisina rin na iyon,na nakikiusyoso rin sa mga nangyayari.

Kahit si Miriam ay napabitaw sa hawak niyang sapatos, sabay amoy sa kanang kamay na pinaghawakan nito. “eowww ang baho!!! Magpagamot ka muna ng alipunga mo bago ka kumabit sa asawa ng may asawa!” Sabay labas ni Miriam ng alcohol mula sa kaniyang mamahaling black leather bag, pinahid sa kamay sabay walk-out. Hindi maiwasang magtawanan ng mga kasamahan ni Olivia sa opisina.

        Si Olivia, noon na kinaiinggitan ng karamihan, ngayon laman ng ng usap-usapan, dahil sa kahihiyang inabot at di niya inaasahan.

       Sariwa pa ang mga tawanan ng mga tao sa paligid niya sa isipan ni Olivia. Si Olivia na nakaupo sa kanyang paboritong silya, hawak ng mahigpit ang mamahaling pulbos na binili pa niya sa isang drugstore malapit sa tinitirhan niya. Ang pulbos na makakapagpagamot sa nakakahiya niyang alipunga.

Lahat ng kagandahang nakikita ng mata ay may taglay ding kapangitan sa ilalim ng maskara.


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Image by tristanf via Flickr


I feel in love in the cool breeze of December

When I have the love that is forever;

With the christmas air I feel better

Bringing back the memries we shared together.

Christmas was past approaching when I felt alone;

Then I met someone who offered a hand

and companion;

The breeze of Christmas air touch my skin;

With a full of hope and my endless dream…